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Search Engine Marketing Should Be Fundamental To You Marketing Strategy.
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Google Performance Max Uses AI To Meet Your Prospects On Any Google Property.

It really doesn't seem like very long ago when any business would appear foolish if they didn't have an ad, or at least a listing in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays you're not only going to look foolish without a consistent and ongoing Google Ads campaign, your competition is going to crush you. Google is the modern day Yellow Pages and Google Ads is the foundation. It's THAT important and you've MUST do at least some Google Ads Campaigns on a consistent and ongoing basis!

Let's face it, as much as none of us want to, Google has data on just about everything. (Facebook / Meta does too!) Add to that the extremely rapid integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and  you get  a veritable King Kong of the ad universe. Will it always be this way? All we know is Google is going full speed ahead into the cookie-less future. Why shouldn't they? They know more about all of us than we probably want to admit. 

When we say THEY, it 's not even really a they, as much as an IT. AI has changed the game and Google have seized the day with their latest SEM advertising tool known as  Performance Max, or what we call simply PMAX. 

The team at Google have told us that PMAX is their future, and we can see why. We've been using PMAX (combined with some Search) for all our clients for quite some time and it's very impressive.  Suffice it to say this marketing tech (aka martech) that's NOT to be ignored.

NO. Well, you could if you don't want to minimize waste. We hate waste, and you should too. 

You really need to work with a team of Google Certified experts like us or you'll run the risk of leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. We've all been through the intensive Google training, but more importantly we've been in the trenches, getting tortured by the Google gods. Take it from us, they're a mysterious, and often difficult lot to deal with. Like a giant beast with 12 unwieldy arms, each completely unaware of what the other is doing. 

We're not trying to be negative just to scare you in to hiring us. Even if you don't hire us, at least commit to hiring some other battle hardened crew. In the most simple terms, DON'T DIY this!

Understand this: PMAX is NOT "Google Ads For Dummies"! 

PMAX is a super powerful tool leveraging all the ad platforms and data in the Google universe and beyond, and empowering AI to do the heavy lifting of analyzing billions of data points in milliseconds to craft a unique ad delivered to your target prospect individually on whichever Google platform they may be using. 

We use PMAX to set your conversion goals, we build out your campaigns with many beautiful creative assets, powerful ad copy options, your 1st party data, other audience targeting, and lots of optimized elements, then we set it loose into the Googleverse to go find your prospects wherever they are. A legion of humans could never possibly digest all the user data Google possesses to hit the target, but the Google AI handles it very well. It's like one big master campaign that delivers your message across Search, Display, YouTube, Discover on Google, Gmail, your Business Profile, even Gmail. 

Is it the perfect "set it and forget it" ad option?

Heck no? It still requires constant optimization, sometimes recommended by Google, and sometimes reliant on our years of experience with all the Google ad channels. 

The Future of Google Ads and specifically Performance Max (PMAX) is clear in the near term. As we mentioned, Performance Max using AI is the future for Google Ads, and Google is 100% committed to it. Why wouldn't they be? It's the cornerstone of leveraging their decades of data collection combined AI to create a targeted ad conversion behemoth. 

Some say AI could be the end of SEO, SEM, or Search Engines altogether. Possibly, but for now and for the next several years our bet is that Google PMAX wins over all challengers, and you're gonna need them. We're well resourced to manage this critical part of your marketing plans!

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