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Is RADIO dead? No! It's just evolved.

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At Molto, we have a long history with broadcast radio media buying & spot production. Streaming Audio Advertising has given our clients even more options.

Broadcast radio advertising is definitely NOT dead, but is  navigating a period of transition, facing challenges from digital competition but also finding new opportunities through digital integration and its inherent strengths. It's ability to reach a broad audience, coupled with its cost-effectiveness and targeted advertising capabilities, ensures its continued relevance in the advertising industry.

The global traditional radio advertising market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 1.9% from 2022 to 2028, suggesting growth opportunities despite the challenges. 

The Molto team has decades of broadcast radio advertising experience. Our affinity for radio is not simply based in nostalgia.  Streaming radio and audio has been steadily eating away broadcast's market share but we find it serves our clients well when mixed with other ad channels.  

We are expert radio spot "artisans" specializing in producing impactful radio and audio ads that grab attention. Pro Tip: If you can inject a bit of clever humor into your ads, they'll be much more memorable. We specialize in this.


What's the difference between Streaming Radio and Streaming Audio? 

It's really just a matter of where a listener is consuming audio. 

Most stations have been simulcasting their live broadcasts over the web for over a decade. The emphasis here is "live". This linear form of streaming means that in order for a listener to hear an advertiser's ad they must be listening to the stream online, usually the station's website, at the time the ad is played "in-stream" during the simulcast. 

When we build out radio media plans, we typically as for streaming radio ads to be included for free or at a severely discounted rate since the listenership is a very small fraction of the broadcast listenership. 

At Molto, we're a Top 10 Programmatic Advertising Provider according to MarTech Outlook magazine. So, we're the experts at building and executing audio media plans. 

Many of today's consumers don't even remember a time when streaming audio didn't exist. Still, almost everyone consumes audio on multiple platforms and channels everyday. Hence why we strongly recommend a balanced approach to streaming audio advertising. 

At Molto, we're a Top 10 Programmatic Advertising Provider according to MarTech Outlook magazine. So, we're the experts at building and executing audio media plans to deliver targeted audio ads at scale on all major platforms like Spotify, Pandora, IHeart, TritonDigital, Sirius, Amazon, Google, and pretty much any where audio ads can be delivered.

We leverage AI and Machine Learning, combined with 1st Party and 3rd Party data to strategically target audio advertising in the same way we would with any programmatic ads (Display, CTV, Digital Out Of Home, Native). We even buy broadcast radio ads programmatically on all IHeart and Triton stations.

Audio streaming ads are great way to increase brand lift and upper funnel awareness at a very economic price. Additionally, streaming audio spots are listened all the way through to the end by 90% - 100% each time they're delivered. 


We still believe strongly in the future of  Broadcast Radio. While broadcast radio faces challenges from digital platforms and changing listener habits, it is not dead. Instead, the industry is evolving and adapting to new technologies and consumer preferences to remain a significant and widely consumed medium. 

We are experts at broadcast AND programmatic (streaming) audio buying, and we typically recommend a balanced mixture of both. 

We've published a strongly researched blog on this subject.

Molto Radio Spot Examples

Radio Demo Reel – Collection of spots we’ve either written, produced, or created / mixed music for in collaboration with other agencies / clients.
Radio Spot – Client: Aaron’s – “Truck”
Radio Spot – Client: Aaron’s – “Su Suenos” (Hispanic)
Radio Spot – Client: RimTyme Custom Wheels – “Truck”
Radio Spot – Client: Sight & Sound Electronics  – “Dr Bill Show”
Radio Spot – Client: Street King  – “Santa”

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