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Win In The Attention Economy With Paid Social Ads

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Social Media Addiction Is Real And It Drives The "Attention Economy"

Face it! For Brands, success at Social is a "Pay For Play" model. Everyone is competing for eyeballs. Paid Social Advertising is crucial  in the Attention Economy due to these factors:

  • Highly Targeted Audience
  • Brand Visibility and Competitive Edge
  • Efficient Use of Attention
  • Engagement & Conversion
  • AI Technology
  • Immediate Impact
  • Measurable Results
  • Combatting Fragmentation & Distraction
  • Economic Efficiency


Paid Social Advertising  is a strategic tool to address the challenges of winning in the Attention Economy by ensuring that efforts are not only visible but effective in achieving business goals. 

Earned social media impressions ARE important, but does your brand have the time to wait for it to yield revenue?

We've been managing social media accounts for a large multi-unit franchise ownership group for 10 years. The brand has an amazing an loyal following in the custom automotive aftermarket sector, so as you can imagine, they have amazing photo and video opportunities just posting their happy customers newly upgraded rides. It takes effort but it's been valuable to build their fanbase.

We encouraged them to let us  start boosting posts, and then we began running comprehensive video campaigns to really drive engagement. Now, each of their locations counts on 3-5 conversations getting started everyday on Messenger from prospects interested in the products shown in the video ads. Each respective store manager counts on these valuable leads which translate regularly to big ticket sales. 

It's a daily source of revenue generating leads, and they count on it! 


As with any digital ad channel, effective optimization is key to campaign success. 

We'll specialize in this and will execute your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok , X, or Pinterest once clear, measurable goals and objectives are set. 

We'll work with you to uncover your Target Audience's demographics and behaviors while crafting Attention-Grabbing creative.

Using A/B testing on ad elements, we'll drill down to the most effective creative, and make real time adjustments.

We'll then analyze performance, monitor and adjust budgets, and provide transparent reporting at your frequency.

No digital ad channel should be a "set it and forget it" campaign tool, which is why we're constantly optimizing to goals.  

Choosing the best social media platform to focus on is critical. It all depends on knowing your target customer since each platform attracts different demographics. 

Facebook & YouTube are widely used by various age groups. 

Instagram and TikTok  attract a younger generation. This is ideal if your brand is targeting millennials.

LinkedIn is great for B2B brands aiming targeting professionals.

Choose platforms with content compatibility. Some favor different types of content. Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual, which is great for brands with strong visual content. LinkedIn is more suited for professional content. TikTok & Snapchat are ideal for engaging video content. 

We'll need to assess Platform-Specific-Features as each has unique features and targeting capabilities. Facebook (META) gives you extensive targeting based on demographs, interests, and behaviors. LinkedIn allows targeting by profession criteria such as job title and industry. 

Paid Social is highly valuable, and we typically recommend one or more platforms in most client media plans. 

There is so much to consider, but leave it to our dedicated team to handle everything. 


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