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Let's Start With A Strategy To Meet Your Business Goals

Media Strategy & Buying Services
Molto's Media Buying Service Starts With A Comprehensive Analysis To Create An Effective Campaign Strategy Tailored To Client Goals.

There are many ways to skin a cat, but not all of them are good.

Well, we suppose none of them are. But when it comes to attaining your business goals, there  are many paths to pursue. Choosing the most efficient one is challenging, and lack of knowledge makes it expensive. 

Your media plan should align with your business goals, and make the best use of your budget. 


You gotta have a plan!

That's where we come in. Most agencies will start by asking "what's your budget?". Fair question since many SME clients come to us with severely low budgets and even more severely high expectations. We just want to know if your hopes are rooted in reality. If not, that's okay. We'll happily take the time to navigate the budget process with your brand. 

We'll get to work with the info you provide and develop a media plan we believe will meet your goals with efficient use of your budget. If your goals are unreachable with your budget we'll work with you to prioritize realistic solutions. 


It's time to get to work! 

Now that we have your Media Plan approved, we get busy executing it on the various chosen platforms. These could be broadcast media, digital media, paid social, or a mix of platforms. 

Activities include negotiating with radio & TV outlets, negotiating Private Marketplace Deals with chosen premium web based publishers, inserting approved creative assets while adhering to brand standards & safety, executing insertion orders, adding in your 1st party data with extreme attention to privacy and safety, and more.


It's launch time!

Now that the campaigns are launched we just sit back and relax. NOPE! Now we constantly track campaign performance and optimize for improved results. 



We provide regular reporting at a frequency that meets your needs. Our reports show key metrics (KPI's you've chosen) along with valuable context. We can even provide a real-time performance dashboard so you can see how your funds are being used. 

A brief video walk through of your report will accompany your printed report so we can point our highlights and provide valuable context. We find our clients love this since many are just to busy to read through a detailed report. Some simply listen to the audio brief while they're on the go. 

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