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Over the years we've been working diligently to master the art of Programmatic Media Buying for our clients. It feels good to get recognition from our peers in the advertising industry, but what really turns us on is when we know we've hit the mark for our clients. In this issue of MarTech Outlook Magazine our Founder and CEO, Bill Deignan, lays out our philosophy regarding this rapidly evolving marketing technology (Martech). We're proudly providing the article transcript below.

Article Transcript:

“Optimizing Digital Advertising”

“We provide a comprehensive platform that simplifies and optimizes clients’ digital advertising efforts across all channels with extreme focus on automation, data, and transparency”

Programmatic advertising has transformed the marketing landscape, presenting unprecedented opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to precisely target their audience, optimize ad spend, and achieve measurable results. However, in an arena largely dominated by large brands and mega-agencies, SMEs often find themselves at a crossroads. They must navigate the murky waters of ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) platforms with limited transparency or invest heavily to meet the substantial minimum spends of premium demand-side platforms (DSPs) and train internal staff to become proficient in programmatic buying.

Molto Marketing & Productions, a full-service advertising agency and media production company, addresses this void in the agency landscape by offering a real and viable programmatic option for SMEs and smaller national brands, coupled with expert campaign management and technological prowess. Molto’s approach involves exclusive collaborations with top-tier DSPs, ensuring unrestricted access to critical data and insights for clients. This strategic partnership empowers Molto to maintain complete control over campaign management, access that many agencies and internal marketing teams find elusive.

“We provide a comprehensive platform that simplifies and optimizes clients’ digital advertising efforts across all channels with extreme focus on automation, data, and transparency,” says Bill Deignan, CEO and co-founder of Molto Marketing.

Molto’s approach to demystifying programmatic advertising for clients begins with simplifying the education process. Starting with basic illustrations, the agency guides clients through the intricate auction process that occurs every time a user clicks on a weblink, ensuring a clear understanding of the mechanisms.

The agency’s expertise shines as it guides clients in efficiently collecting real-time 1st party data, utilizing partners like TransUnion and Liveramp to make data immediately actionable. Beyond traditional metrics like impressions and CPMs, Molto emphasizes continuous campaign review and optimization using AI and machine learning. The collaboration extends to working with internal teams on tagging and conversion optimization strategies, providing transparent performance reports that offer clients a precise understanding

of their ad budget’s impact. At the core of Molto’s reputation is managing clients’ budgets with the utmost care, treating it as if it were its own household budget, avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

Molto guided a significant retail franchise group in gradually shifting a growing portion of their broadcast radio budget toward digital advertising channels. Leveraging experience in securing broadcast radio for multi-unit retail franchise ownership groups, Molto’s team crafted a programmatic-focused media plan, utilizing a blend of display and audio campaigns that drive traffic to physical locations. Maximizing first-party customer data, Molto retargeted and collaborated with TransUnion to create lookalike audiences. This approach led to a notable reduction in the total ad budget, precise targeting of their customer base, and successful attribution of in-store foot traffic to viewers of their campaign.

Another success story features a client operating retail locations on the outskirts of major market DMAs faced challenges with the high costs of Urban radio advertising, reaching an expansive audience beyond their service area. Molto, leveraging its access to hyper-local audiences through diverse devices and touchpoints, utilized 25,000+ audience segments from over 30 data providers. This allowed targeted marketing to the client’s ideal demographic in close proximity, surpassing the effectiveness of broadcast radio. The outcome was a substantial increase in inbound calls and store visits, eliminating the need to spend on reaching irrelevant millions and ensuring cost-effective advertising tailored to their serviceable audience.

In addition, Molto’s ability to access traditional media programmatically, including Radio, TV, and OOH, empowers clients with the best media mixes across all channels to achieve optimal business outcomes. Acknowledging the increasing concerns of CMOs related to brand safety, data privacy, and accountability, Molto addresses these concerns through secure transfer portals for 1st party data and transparent performance reporting. The platform aggregates real-time performance data from diverse digital platforms into a user-friendly dashboard, streamlining and enhancing digital advertising endeavors across all channels.

Molto is transforming programmatic advertising into an accessible, transparent, and successful tool for SMEs, serving as a guiding force in the evolving landscape of programmatic advertising.

Credit MarTech Outlook Magazine (reprint rights provided)

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