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Audio Ads Address A "Captive Audience"

Woman roller skating outdoors on the street listening to a podcast.
Most people listen to music or podcasts while doing other activities so they're much less likely to opt-out of consuming Audio Ads as compared to other visual media.

Audio Listeners = A Captive Audience! 

The beauty of audio advertising is that it's mostly it's served to a "captive audience". This is mainly do to the hands free nature of audio consumption. Most consumers of audio ads are multi-tasking at the time, meaning they're not solely  watching a screen when the ad impression is served. 

Whether delivered by broadcast radio, satellite radio, AM/FM streaming, podcasts, or even in mobile games, the listener is typically engaged other activities while listening. Consequently, opting out of hearing the ad is highly unlikely. 

Successful brands devote vast monetary resources to building "brand recall", and the captive nature of Audio Advertising achieves upper funnel awareness very effectively. 

Do you remember a time when streaming audio didn't exist. Many people don't. Almost everyone consumes audio on multiple platforms and channels everyday which is  why we strongly recommend a balanced approach to streaming audio advertising. 

At Molto, we're a Top 10 Programmatic Advertising Provider according to MarTech Outlook magazine. So, we're the experts at building and executing audio media plans to deliver targeted audio ads at scale on all major platforms like Spotify, Pandora, IHeart, TritonDigital, Sirius, Amazon, Google, and pretty much any where audio ads can be delivered.

We leverage AI and Machine Learning, combined with 1st Party and 3rd Party data to strategically target audio advertising in the same way we would with any programmatic ads (Display, CTV, Digital Out Of Home, Native). We even buy broadcast radio ads programmatically on all IHeart and Triton stations.

Audio streaming ads are great way to increase brand lift and upper funnel awareness at a very economic price. Additionally, streaming audio spots are listened all the way through to the end by 90% - 100% each time they're delivered. 

Of Course We Can't Forget AM/FM Radio Ads!

Broadcast Radio is NOT Dead! In fact that's been a cornerstone of our agency since we started. While broadcast radio has lost "share of ear" in recent years, it has proven it's remarkable resilience as a stalwart ad channel. 

Most commuters listen to FM radio while driving, even though they can easily play audio streams from their mobile device via their car stereos. 

Our clients have benefitted greatly when we've combined broadcast and streaming / programmatic audio ads in their media strategies. At Molto, we're a Top 10 Programmatic Advertising Provider according to MarTech Outlook magazine. So, we're the experts at building and executing audio media plans. 

Streaming Audio Ads have some great advantages over Broadcast Radio Ads like Precise Targeting, Diverse Publishing Outlets, Easy Creative Changes, Precise Dayparting, etc. 

One of our multi-unit retail franchise clients was having trouble precisely targeting their service area with the extended reach of the legacy top ranking local Urban radio station. We strategized a media plan using streaming audio on all the major platforms like  Spotify, Pandora, IHeart, TritonDigital, Sirius, Amazon, Google, and more. 

Using 1st party data (anonymized customer lists), we utilized our partnership with TransUnion to build a look-alike audience to precisely target similar audiences within a tighter geography. The client saw an immediate increase in phone calls and store footfall traffic. They loved that they were no longer needing to pay the broadcast station to reach so far past their realistic service area.


Molto Radio Spot Examples

Radio Demo Reel – Collection of spots we’ve either written, produced, or created / mixed music for in collaboration with other agencies / clients.
Radio Spot – Client: Aaron’s – “Truck”
Radio Spot – Client: Aaron’s – “Su Suenos” (Hispanic)
Radio Spot – Client: RimTyme Custom Wheels – “Truck”
Radio Spot – Client: Sight & Sound Electronics  – “Dr Bill Show”
Radio Spot – Client: Street King  – “Santa”

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